Wednesday, September 16, 2015

High School Senior Pictures

Time for Mom to Brag

My daughter, Evangeline, and niece Marguerite, are now seniors in high school.  Time for senior pictures.  Their friend Caitlin is a student at Soldotna High School and is quite talented as a photographer.  We asked her if she would take their photographs for us.  Both girls wanted to be outdoors for the pictures and Margy wanted to have one of her dogs with her.

Caitlin agreed and now we had to find a time that was available to both Caitlin, us, and their wonderful Grammie Peg (Peg Snyder for those of you that know this amazing lady). 

We waited until after vacation and then we knew we would have to scramble to get photos taken, select the ones we wanted, and then get them printed within the deadline for school submission.

We pulled it off.  We all met one Saturday (it didn't rain!) at a friend's house.  These friends have an amazing garden on a lake; the perfect setting.

Here are some of the photos.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.  It's really hard for me to pick the one I like the best.  Do you have one.  If so please leave a comment.  You might help us decide which ones to pick.

Evie on the dock
Evie relaxing 
Evie contemplating

Evie with a great smile
Margy with her old pal, Susie Q.

Margy and Sweet Susie
Margy, the tomboy
Evie and Margy sharing the lake dock
Margy and Evie; beautiful young ladies!

Margy and Evie wearing their traditional Chinese dress