Saturday, June 25, 2011

The psycho cat

This is Angel.  She is a cat we adopted from outside a grocery store several years ago.  Her mother died and she needed a home quickly.  We are such softies and she became part of our family.  This photo shows a very mellow kitty.  This is her favorite position for her catnaps.  However, the photo deceives her true motive.  Look at her eye.  What she's really doing is watching your every move; waiting for the chance to pounce!  She can be as sweet and the most gentle creature and then in the next instant she turns into Psycho Cat.  The name "Angel" is truly a misnomer!  She will be sitting contently on your chest purring up a storm and then if you try to move her off she brings forth a truly guttural deep growl.  It makes you tremble with fear not knowing if she'll strike or not.  My son, Martin, is one of the two people that Angel does not growl at.  Hammie, my nephew, is the other one.  They are both ten years old and somehow they've created a bond with Angel that no one else has.  I should mention that her other nickname is "Attack Cat".  That says it all!

Souvenir from the baseball game

Our family went to our local team's baseball game tonight.  First we went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins and then over to the ball field.  Our Peninsula Oilers were playing against Athletics in Action.  We brought plenty of blankets to wrap ourselves in with the weather being a bit chilly.  I'm sure glad we had them because the wind picked up and it was cold.  During the game several balls were hit right out of the ball field and I always worry about cars getting hit with one.  I know someone who left the game and found his windshield smashed.

The game was in the 11th inning and it was late so we had to go.  We got to the car, got buckled up and started driving through the parking lot when Martin shouts out that we have a hole in the windshield.  Yup, he was right.  One of the baseballs made contact with our windshield on the Subaru Justy.  Of all the many cars in the parking lot the ball had to single out ours! 

The photo below shows the hole (luckily it doesn't go all the way through but almost).  The long crack in the windshield was already there but the hole wasn't.  I have a feeling that this hole will spread all over the window.  The thought of buying a new windshield for this 1992 car is not a pleasant thought.  I'm going to call someone to see if they can fill the hole before it spreads.

Martin in now cast free

Oy vey!  Our family is so happy.  Martin got his cast off today.  He broke the elbow of his left arm back in mid-May playing soccer at school.  I'll say one thing for sure...when Martin would be whirling he often does...and that cast would whack!  That cast would just smack your body so hard it felt like  piece of rebar whacking right into you. 

He insisted on bringing the cast home.  We'll keep it for a little while and then it will be going into the trash. 

His elbow is stiff as is expected as also is his wrist.  The doc said it's going to take a bit of time to get full mobility back.  His arm is pale and skinny.  He can't stop scratching it and is very happy.

New iPhone

I finally got my new iPhone.  My first iPhone broke in late January or early February.  Neither AT&T nor Apple would replace it...the software had a fatal I had to wait until June when I would be able to upgrade.  Now I can take photos of the puppies and other things.

More puppies!

Oh my goodness!  Annie, our Newfoundland dog had 15 puppies 7 days ago!  I certainly don't have to tell anyone how this happened except to say that Annie was secured in our very large eight foot high chain linked enclosure.  For several days a beautiful pedigree Mastiff came acourtin'.  Around the third day of this pining away between the fence we came home from work and found Annie had dug a deep hole and was free.  Needless to say the mastiff fulfilled his need and was gone...leaving no puppy support...only a smiling Annie!

I was about two weeks off on my due date calculations and Annie surprised us last Friday with 15 sweet newborns.  Of course I didn't have any whelping box ready.  In fact she gave birth under the porch.  Bless sweet Margy, my 14 year old niece who spent the entire day and evening under the porch with Annie.  She took just a few forced breaks for a rest and some food and then back under the porch she went to help her Annie.

Thanks to a friend of ours that raised Shelties for coming over and calming us down telling us that everything will be fine.  She gave us the name Newfound Mastiff's the name of this new breed!

They are truly beautiful.  Anyone wanting another love in their life just might want one of these precious pups.  They are black with some having a bit of white on their chest and/or paws.  Three have white tips on their tails.  There are seven females and eight males.

I hope to get photos shortly.