Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Need Spring


It's spring break for students in my neck of the woods.  Most of my friends are involved in education so many of them have fled Alaska for warmer parts of the world for the next seven days.  Looking out my window I can see beautiful snow covered trees and a white covered lake or I can see something cold, icy, and not very inviting.
I do love living in Alaska with all its seasons; long and short.  When so many I know are basking in warmth with new places to experience it does take an extra amount of energy for me to stay focused on the positive. 
I needed a bit of help trying not to be green with envy for those that are traveling this week...I just love to travel and see new and revisit old I brought a tiny bit of SPRING into my home.
These daffodils are so pretty and they smell like SPRING! 
Pretty yellow daffodils sitting atop our antique icebox. 

Bad Kitty!  This is why I moved the daffodils to the top of the antique icebox.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gracie At It Again!

Here's Gracie our new kitten.  She has grown over the last two months and is one very fiesty kitten.  Here she is in her favorite box.  Of course she's making every other animal crazy.  She never stops...not quite true.  She will be darting off somewhere and then suddenly collapse in your arms and nothing will disturb her.  She's a whirlwind of four paws!
Gracie pretending she doesn't
see her lastest victim behind the box.
It's Mac.  Watch out Mac!

Th next unsuspecting victim..


27 Boxes in 27 Days
Can I do it? Not quite sure but I'm sure gonna try.
A friend on a quilting group mentioned that she was wondering if any of us had taken up the challenge of's challenge of 40 Boxes in 40 Days.  I had not heard of this challenge but it intrigued me so I went to the website and did a search.  I found it and learned about this challenge. 
I immediately decided that I could never sort and get rid of 30 boxes by Easter (which is basically what the 40 Boxes in 40 Days is all about) but it was an interesting idea.

The more I thought about it the more I thought that it would be a great goal to reach for and why not try it.  So, last night I counted how many days until Good Friday came up with 27.
So, I am going to take up the challenge of 27 Boxes in 27 Days.  I will include big bags in this challenge since I've got some black garbage bags filled with stuff that needs sorting.  Some of these bags hold more then what a box can hold.
I will sort, put away, give away, or throw away 2 boxes of bags of stuff.  Oh boy, I can't believe I'm going to do this but I am.  Even if I don't get all 27 done I'll get at least one more done than not trying at all.
Anyone else want to try?