Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Martin is in a cast

About a week and half ago Martin was playing soccer at the school playground and a sixth grade boy tripped him.  Down Martin went on his arm.  It hurt and I said that we need to wait just a bit to see if it will feel better.  Martin tends to "cry wolf" so I don't want to rush to the ER for every little ouch he gets.  That night it was not feeling any better and I said I would call the doctor.  In the morning he was holding it pretty tight against his body.  I called the doc and he wasn't in yet.  I sent Martin to school and I would call the doc again after they were open.  I planned on picking him up if I could get him in that day.

I called again and they were able to see Martin at 10:40 a.m.  I picked him up and off we went to the doc.  X-rays were taken and Dr. Carlson felt there might be a fracture because he could see the fat pad around the elbow but he wanted a specialist to look at it.  He put it in a half cast and off we went to the specialist.  Actually I had to go to work for the afternoon and my sister took sick leave for the afternoon and took Martin for me.  The good news is that there wasn't a fracture of his arm but apparantly he somewhat squished his growth plate.  He would continue to wear the half cast until he would see the first doc again. 

A few days before the second appointment Martin was playing tether ball at recess and he was losing.  He decided that he needed power so he wacked the ball with his casted arm.  He broke the cast!!!!  When I talked to him about it he said, "But mom, at least I won."  Oy vey!

Back to Dr. Carlson with new x-rays taken and with the compression of the growth plate diminished he was able to discrern a salter fracture which is a fracture in the growth plate of Martin's left elbow.  Now Martin is in a full cast from below his shoulder to his hand.  I sure wish I would have kept his accident insurance policy after I retired!  Remember in June, 2010 he broke his left collarbone!

Happy Birthday to all our May birthdays!

May is a busy birthday month in our home.  It starts with our sister, Judy.  Her birthday was on May 10th.  She's the oldest of us three sisters.  We didn't celebrate her birthday; as she wanted to wait.  I didn't celebrate mine back on Feb. 13th since it was a very busy time with our kiddos and school commitments.  Maybe we'll celebrate both of ours together this summer. 

Margy turned 14 on May 18th.  She seemed to enjoy her day.  She wanted to go to her favorite Chinese restaurant, Golden International, which is what we did.  It was a fun time.  She got got a baritone ukele and an instructional book with a CD, a digital tuner for her uke, some books she's been wanting to read, and a gift certificate to a book store.  She got some smaller items and we all had a good time.

Martin and Hammie both turned 10 on the 18th.  Hammie is three hours older and every now and then reminds Martin that he's the oldest of the boys!  We had a Star Wars lego theme which both boys are very obsessed with right now.  Hammie wanted Cox's guloush for supper and Martin wants Chinese.  Hammie is the oldest so we had Cox's guloush on the 18th.  We're going to Chinese tomorrow after church.  Having the meals on two different days gives the boys each of what they want.  To be honest we didn't have Chinese on the 18th because the girls were volunteering for their school "Relay For Life" on the 18th.  They were busy at the high school until around 8:30 p.m.  I had Cox's Guloush ready when they got home.  Hammie wanted a peanut butter ice cream cake and Martin wanted cheesecake.  We had both.

 Hammie got several pocket knifes, which he went crazy over...he's really into pocket knives right now, along with some Star War lego toys, a portable camping saw along with a portable shovel.  Obviously Hammie is into cutting things down and making new things with the tree pieces.  Martin got the new Wii Nascar game along with a driving wheel to go with it.  He also got a baseball and baseball bat, Star Wars legos, and some smaller items.

We're all pretty tired right now so we're resting a bit now that school is out for the summer.  Give us until after Memorial Day and we'll be ready to tackle all our summer "To Do" list.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Check out this menu organizer

I found this menu organizer from Little Big Girl Studio (  It's got the directions and tells you everything you need to gather in order to make it.  I can use up some fabric pieces I have.  This might make a nice Christmas gift for someone as well.  Here's a picture of it from the Little Big Girl Studio blog.  Go to the blog address listed above to see if it's something you might like to make.