Thursday, August 15, 2013

My mom's favorite joke

See if you find this funny or do you just let out a loud groan.  My family would groan every time my mom would tell this joke. 
A hearse was driving through the city on the way to the cemetery.  It hit a bump as it went up a hill and the back door opened up.  The coffin fell out of the hearse and started sliding down the road.  It bumped along and jumped the curb and went through the door of a pharmacy and stopped right in front of the pharmacy counter.  The lid popped up and the gentleman sat up and asked, "Do have anything to stop my "coffin"?
I can still see my mother telling this joke and laughing the entire time.  I can also see our entire family smile and groan and say..."Not again, mom".

Memories are so good to have. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Candy bags personalized for each guest
    Sweet Sixteen Party

My niece, Margy, had her sixteenth birthday this past May.  She's having her birthday party tomorrow and her mom, my sister Lindy, has been busy getting all the candy ready.  Her theme is "Sweets" to match her sweetness!  Well, at least that's why I feel her party is going to be full of candy.  Jars - all shapes and sizes of jars - filled with all kinds of candies!

I'm making the German Chocolate cake tonight and we have ice cream sundaes to go along with the "sweet" theme.  I used my Viking Rose sewing machine to stitch the name of each guest onto a small bag.  The guests will be able to fill the bags with any kind of candy they want!  The bags we picked up while on vacation in San Francisco at a dollar store.  I think they turned out kind of cute.  I hope everyone likes them.