Thursday, June 27, 2013

Criss-Cross Coasters from Jenny Allsorts

I found this cute coaster to make from Jenny Allsorts blog (  I had difficulty attaching a link to it so I just finally cut and paste it here in my blog but please note that I did not invent this.  I added Jenny's main blog address above.  The actual Internet address to go directly to the Criss-Croass Coaster page is:

These are cute and fast.  So enjoy and head over to Jenny's blog and see what else she's got for you.


Criss-Cross Coasters

BBefore being swallowed by the activities surrounding Thanksgiving, I thought I'd put up a tutorial for the coolest thing I learned the other day. The woman sitting next to me in a sewing class at Bernina showed us how to make these. She didn't have a name for them so for lack of something better I'm calling them Criss-Cross Coasters. They make great stocking stuffers, hostess or teacher gifts, whatever. You can whip up a set in no time, especially if you use a rotary cutter, because there is no hand finishing. I probably could have spent more time on photographing them, they look much snazzier in person. You can choose fabrics to suit the recipient, or your own (ahem) decor (see above).
And for a change of pace, I thought I'd try an illustrated tutorial! Hey, why not?
***Note: Since writing this tutorial, several people have asked me when to remove the paper from the fusible web. Actually I used single-sided web, so there was no paper to remove. But if you prefer to use double-sided, you could remove the paper backing and adhere the inner lining to your bottom piece before stacking and sewing the fabrics. Hope that helps.
So here we go!
So there you have it! I hope that's clear enough, and that you can think of many uses for this little project. I know I already have!